Best Publishing Companies in 2020: Why 2020 is the Best Self Publishing Year Yet

If you’re a writer who wants to self publish their own work, it’s a great idea to start your publishing preparation now. There are many reasons why 2020 looks to be one of the best years for self publishing so far, and you can reap the benefits if you have your manuscript edited, formatted and ready for launch by the time the new year comes.

Here are some solid reasons why 2020 is going to be the best year for self publishing we’ve seen so far – and why it’s time to ready your manuscript now.

Self Published Books Are Easier in 2020

Self publishing used to be a lot more complicated and expensive. If you’re publishing your book in 2020, there are more great resources at your disposal than ever before and it’s much easier to get your work formatted, uploaded to the platform and read by readers everywhere. Thanks to newcomers like Reedsy, the best self publishing companies are on the up and up throughout 2019.

If you’re publishing your work in modern times, there’s no excuse not to opt for self publishing, and statistics so far estimate that you could make a lot more out of your work by self publishing instead.

Self Published Books Will Own 50% by 2020

Some statistics released by Smashwords reveals that self published books will be estimated to take over as much as half of the total market share for e-books sold. This means that self published books are proving to be a very strong competitor for traditionally published books – and that there’s no better time to use a self publishing channel like KDP Select to publish your work than the upcoming year.

A Publishing Crash is Predicted for 2020

A lot of industry experts in the publishing industry are worried, and here’s why: The traditional publishing industry is losing a lot of its power. Magazines and publishing houses are being forced to move with the times and evolve or shut down – and a lot of great magazines have seen the end of their print runs in the past few years.

The Great Publishing Crash is expected to hit traditional publishing companies the hardest. But at the same time, self published authors might not be affected nearly as much – and for self published authors, publication can continue as usual.

The publishing crash means that 2020 might be the right year for new authors to self publish, and established authors to move over their work to a newer platform.

Self Publishing Writers Are Making Movies in 2020

The self publishing industry has grown to great strengths in the past few years. So much so that some of the most popular works out there have been self published. EL James, author of the Fifty Shades series, self published their work – and went on to become one of the biggest sellers of the decade with several movie titles produced from their books.

This is an increasing trend for many self published writers who manage to get their work noticed.

If you dream of signing a movie deal, it’s not longer up to the puppetry of a larger publisher to make it happen: Writers with aspirations to see their work on screen have the power to make this happen themselves.

Self Published Authors Have Power in 2020

The market is currently a wide open one for anyone who wants to take advantage of it – and you’re really losing out if you aren’t self publishing anything in 2020. Self publishing can even be used together with writers who traditionally publish – it only increases your reach further if you manage to have books in circulation through both traditional publishers and self published work.